Health Security Access Control System

In these challenging times, Puranova has designed an all-in-one health security access control system that can be fully customized and adapted to evolving conditions.

The Health Security Access Control System is one of our engineering solutions that integrates electronic security, health, and safety expertise within a sanitizing tunnel. The sanitizing tunnel is fitted out with a fully automated sanitization spray for both people and goods, thermal/ fever detecting CCTV system, or handheld body temperature cameras and has the ability to monitor and report on all actions throughout the tunnel.


What do you require of your system?

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A. Ozonization System

1. Sanitization Gateway

Portable, comfortable and effective disinfection system, to be installed in just 5 minutes in places where people transit


•    Ozonisation:  

According to the WHO, ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms.

•    Tunnel:
The tunnel is built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
For a 15lt. barrel it can be spraying ozone for 8 hours. 

•    Disinfectant:

The disinfectant is made by yourself. You only need a bottle of 15 to 18 liters of water and with the ozone generator, you can manufacture your disinfectant every day. Always with the parameters that we send you which are approved and recommended by the WHO.

b. Chemical System

2. Temperature Sensing Solutions

3. Add on Features

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