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Parking Management

Puranova offers a complete, safe and customized smart building system for your needs. All the components of a parking system with the highest quality besides can be monitored and provide easy access for your visitors.
Puranova has professional engineering solutions and team with experience in the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of this system based on providing an impact on your safety, productivity and revenues.

  • Vehicle Barriers & Bollards

  • Entry / Exit Gate Barriers and Stations

  • Automatic Pay stations

  • Fee Computers

  • Validators & Encoders

  • Signage

  • Automation Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

  • Parking Management Software

  • Parking Guidance Systems

  • Parking Space Blockers


Central Office:

Tel: +971 (0) 4 887 2010


Office #145, Business Park

Building A3 Dubai World Central

P.O. Box 712526 Dubai, UAE

Europe Office:

Tel: + 34 960 61 02 38


Calle Nicolás Copérnico No 6, Oficina 7

Parque Tecnológico 46980 Paterna

Valencia - España 

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