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6 Reasons Automation is Important for the Water & Wastewater Industry

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

1. Reduction of energy consumption and costs: It takes a large amount of energy to power wastewater treatment facilities and to keep all systems running all the time. 

2. Better access to data: Automating processes often comes accompanied with data. And the best way to notice trends, of the negative or positive variety, is to analyze data. Seeing how patterns emerge in times of high or low consumption can help you modify your approach to make the best use of your resources.

3. Best use of labor: Automation is absolutely a time-saver when it comes to labor and employee resources. By automating your processes, you can often remove or reduce the need for physical manpower in particular areas. This frees up your staff to tackle other important issues.

4. Less waste: Water is a finite resource. By automating our approach, we can make better use of our water supply by reducing waste and consumption. A large amount of water is often wasted unnecessarily, but with better data and more automation, we can alter this trend.

5. Improved processes: Having more access to trending and historical data gives you the ability to refine and modify your processes as necessary. Delving into what works and what doesn’t work is at the heart of automation.

6. Remote monitoring: Often, automation gives you the ability to remotely monitor processes when you are away. Having a set of eyes on things when you can’t be there is often one of the most loved features of a good automated system.

Although it may involve a significant initial investment, automation can help you make the most of your resources, processes, and time. Ultimately, it helps us preserve our precious supply of water.

A water utility manager visited a power plant and was amazed at what he saw. A single person – the power plant manager – was operating the entire facility. The water utility manager asked how this could be achieved for his water/wastewater treatment facilities. The answer: advanced automation, technology, and analytics.

Labour and energy represent the largest operational expenses for water utilities. 

Energy Recovery and Efficiency

When it comes to reducing operational costs, improving energy efficiency has been the proverbial low-hanging fruit for water utilities.

Puranova invests in the system integration and development of new solutions and technologies to deliver best-in-class process control solutions to help you maximize productivity while reducing costs. From field devices and motor control through the supervisory layers to business integration systems, our water, and wastewater solutions:

- Maximize productivity

- Reduce the cost of implementation

- Minimize life-cycle costs

- Meet regulatory compliance

- Allow for future expandability

Fresh Water

Accessing data is important for managing your operations. We provide the necessary solutions to help you get secure access to your data. This in turn allows you to improve system performance through increased visibility into the production process.

Waste Water

Our process control and motor control solutions provide the levels of control and security necessary for your operations. They help you rein in energy use and manage your assets for improved optimization.

Contact us if you need we help you to improve your processes

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