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Puranova Custom-Made Systems

Puranova has the experience to face unique solar pumping needs from design to commissioning, using advanced technology to ensure the right amount of water to where it should be, using as little energy as possible.

Download and fill the form whether if you are looking for a submersible or surface system and send it to us at, you will receive your Lorentz solar pumping system design FREE and in less than 24 HOURS.


Central Office:

Tel: +971 (0) 4 887 2010


Office #145, Business Park

Building A3 Dubai World Central

P.O. Box 712526 Dubai, UAE

Europe Office:

Tel: + 34 960 61 02 38


Calle Nicolás Copérnico No 6, Oficina 7

Parque Tecnológico 46980 Paterna

Valencia - España 

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