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Over the years, we built the expertise to offer our clients a wide range of products and services related to industrial automation, process control, energy management, and factory efficiency & monitoring whether in running or planned-for-built facilities. We offer PLC/SCADA-based automation solutions as well as DCS-based ones, Custom Software Solutions, Advanced Process Control strategies & Electrical Panel design and assembly, Field Installation & Services, and Third-Party Commissioning Management Services


With extensive experience in design and assembly of electrical panel components to adhere to customers requirements, project specifications and the in-depth knowledge of the local Standards, requirements and climatic conditions, Puranova Automation has developed the expertise to offer solutions in the Electrical Power Distribution, Electronic Engineering, Energy Management systems, and SCADA.

Our Panel Building Solutions cover the following:

  • Main Distribution Boards (MDB)

  • Sub-Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)

  • Motor Control Center Panels (MCC)

  • Capacitor Banks

  • Lighting Control Panels

  • General Control & Syncronization Panels


Installation quality, cost management, and safety makes Puranova Automation an ideal partner

No one understands our machines, technology, and systems quite like our dedicated personnel. Whatever the product, location, or application, Puranova Automation’s experienced and highly-trained specialists will handle the installation with professionalism, adeptness, and in accordance with local safety requirements.

Whether you are looking to install or commission single equipment, or a full-fledged automation system, Puranova Automation’s service technicians are there to support you at every step of the process.

  • Project Management

  • System Configuration

  • Training


Puranova Automation offers a range of after-sales services and technical assistance to our clients. Whether it is a repair or troubleshooting call-out, upgrade, or a regular preventative maintenance contract, Puranova Automation is an ideal partner to choose from. Not only, we design and integrate sophisticated automation systems from scratch in multiple industries, we also combine our experience with cutting-edge technology; such as Industrial IoT, artificial intelligence and machine to machine learning, to establish performance patterns, analyze trends, recommend predictive maintenance, and provide 24/7 remote monitoring backed by intelligent alerts and alarms.

The harsh climatic conditions of the Middle East exposes electrical & electronic equipment to extreme conditions, which leads to quick wear and tear, frequent downtime, and significant inefficiencies. Unless maintained properly, that is!

Regular maintenance and checkups are necessary to reduce downtime costs and increase the productivity of your factory/process. Puranova Automation maintenance services include:

  • Basic function and load tests

  • Basic cleaning of electrical parts

  • Exchange of limited lifetime spare parts (e.g. Fans)

  • Firmware/ software upgrades

  • Remote 24/7 monitoring

  • Troubleshooting/ Repair call-outs

  • Hardware upgrade and further system integrations



Puranova Automation understands all aspects of control system design, engineering, implementation, and support.  For years, we have been implementing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS), Field Control System (FCS), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.  With each project, we strive to help our customers gain a competitive edge through the implementation of creative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Puranova Automation has the experience to deliver new systems as well as successfully integrate existing legacy systems, equipment, and devices – and make sure that everything is interconnected and communicating properly.  Our high employee retention rate leads to continuity, throughout the system’s life-cycle – including updates and expansions. Additionally, our vendor partner relationships give our engineers access to the latest platform technologies, innovations, and technical support. Throughout the company’s growth, Puranova Automation has implemented discrete, continuous, and batch process control across numerous industry sectors. So whether you work in a refinery, a power plant, or at a water/wastewater treatment site, you can be assured Puranova Automation has worked for someone like you.  Puranova Automation can help you throughout all phases of your control project including hardware and software specification, configuration and systems integration, acceptance and validation testing, startup site support, and ongoing maintenance services.

Puranova Automation can support and implement applications on products from leaders like ABB, Emerson Process Management (DeltaV), GE Intelligent Platforms, Honeywell, Invensys (Wonderware), Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric (Modicon), and Siemens (SINAMICS/SIMATIC/LOGO!/SiPLUS).  Please contact us for more information, including case histories, project reference lists, and application reference lists.

Legacy System Evaluation & Migration

Given proper care, manufacturing sites should expect their control system equipment to perform year after year.  However, older system components, especially console equipment, can become problematic and lead to increased maintenance costs and downtime.  In addition, spare parts get harder to find as time goes by and hardware is discontinued.

When these situations occur, it’s time to upgrade your legacy system. Puranova Automation has the expertise to ensure a seamless migration. Our proven migration methodology prioritizes component upgrades based on the level of necessity, the desire to limit total project costs, and the need to minimize disruptions to production.

Our legacy system conversion capabilities are aided by our extensive, in-house collection of older control system hardware which allows us to prototype your system.  We also have the ability to test new hardware portions of an upgraded control system against other existing legacy hardware that remains in place.  Both of these activities contribute to a low-risk, seamless migration, and make your transition as efficient as possible.

Over the years Puranova Automation has completed a myriad of system migrations and upgrades involving many older control system platforms such as A-B (PLC2, PLC5, and ControlView), Bailey (Net-90 and Infi-90), Fisher PROVOX, Foxboro (Spectrum and I/A), Honeywell TDC 2000/3000, Modicon (884, 984, and Compact), Moore Products (MYCRO and APACS) and Siemens S5.  For more information, please give us a call to talk about your project specifics.

Plant Efficiency & Reporting

Many companies today are employing lean initiatives to improve plant efficiencies and output. Real-time, readily available performance data is an absolute necessity for evaluating production situations and being able to make decisions to improve operational performance. At Puranova Automation, our engineers are experienced in plant floor operations, and with the tools used to collect and deliver meaningful production information to the right people.

Puranova Automation utilizes its knowledge of the shop floor control equipment, where data resides and builds upon that knowledge with our system expertise in order to meet customer requirements for data collection and reporting.  Whether you are interested in calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), have specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requirements, or just want to measure equipment uptime/downtime, throughput, or product yield, Puranova Automation can provide plant performance reports at your desktop or to your entire organization via the web/ mobile apps.  For more information, please give us a call to talk about your project specifics.

Systems provided by Puranova Automation include typical plant efficiency measures like downtime and event tracking but also extend to product recipes and lot number tracking, availability, performance, and quality.

Chat with us now to talk about your Automation project specifics 

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