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Puranova is the first company in the Middle East that is dedicated to solar water pumping. Despite its promise, lack of specialization largely contributed to less-than-efficient solar systems.

​Puranova is set to pioneer specialization in the solar sector through advanced technology, continuous learning, and efficiency. At the heart of our business model, lies an excellent customer service culture that makes efficient energy output and less spending as the ultimate offering to our customers



Puranova determines the basic amount of water and flow rate required per day for your water structure. Measures static head, friction head, and total dynamic head in your pumping location. Assesses solar resource (available space, shading, irradiation, angle, and azimuth) for the location, identifies the right pump, controller and solar generator for your water structure, identifies the optimum mounting method for the solar array, selects the right size of the pump’s motor cable and pipeline, and then selects the ancillaries, sensors, and controls required for efficient monitoring and maintenance

System Integration

Puranova supplies innovative and environmentally-friendly products and solutions for industrial companies; offering a mammoth-sized range of automation technology, industrial control and drive technology,  as well as industrial software that are integrated to enhance customer’s productivity, efficiency, flexibility and savings over the entire value chain from product design and development to production, sales, and service

Realizing the value of digital transformation and industrial automation to helping societies diversify their economies and cities to prosper, Puranova has partnered with Siemens AG to bring its entire automation and digital factory technology portfolio to where it has not reached across our markets with a greater emphasis on GCC

Installation & Commissioning

Initial site visits to measure your pumping system parameters and assess the site’s appropriateness for the installation of solar PV generators. Validation site visit to complete our initial assessment and interview your site’s technical manager for energy consumption patterns, draft and share a full proposal of the optimum solar system to your property


Puranova provides annual maintenance contracts for pumps and associated control panels of the systems. Being a service company with a fully-equipped workshop for repairs, the company has command over all makes and types of pumps. It has a team of trained technicians who are capable of servicing any pump in record time.

Every AMC contract with Puranova consists of regular visits as per the contract norms and in keeping with the pump performance report. With the help of the performance reports of the system, we judge how efficient the pump is for planning and scheduling the maintenance accordingly.

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