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Who we are

Our Values

Do the right thing

Honesty, integrity engineering, accountability, and trustworthiness are what you can expect when dealing with us.


We combine imagination with engineering to offer our clients innovative and to continue challenging the status quo.


Although quality and cost are often a trade-off, we will always beg to differ.


In engineering, speed of response is a time required for a system to respond to some signal. We promptly respond to our client’s signals.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Deliver customer value to 1 million buildings and homes across the globe; defined as energy saved, premises secured, productivity increased, revenue generated, or comfort and convenience enhanced.

Our Mission

Employ engineering and technology to create an intelligent living and working environments that are more secure, comfortable,  convenient, energy-efficient, environment-friendly, productive, and even better-looking; while building long-term relationships with our stakeholders.

Bombeo de agua solar y automatización Es

Team & Culture

Puranova family consists of experienced, dedicated, and resourceful professionals. Our culture ensures a family-work environment; enabling people to unleash their creativity, serve clients with dedication and integrity; simply because they enjoy having satisfied and trusting clients; who seek their help, time, and again.

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