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Solutions to managing leachate/liquid levels in landfill or polluted ground

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

If your company is part of the Oil or Gas industry you need to know about this waste management solution to oil pumping, gas well dewatering, and leachate and remediation.

It is well known that the most common challenges of this labors are:

  • Long term commitment to manage the site

  • Pumps are unreliable

  • Leachate disposal / treat costs are high

  • High service need

  • Remote / unstaffed sites (typically)

Nowadays one of the most used systems to handle these activities is the air-powered automatic pump system with positive displacement pumps, no surface controllers, and no dry run protection also, these systems also need a compressor, air filter, pressure regulator, and pipework, and despite being the market leader system, it has some problems:

  • Monthly servicing

  • Stalling / balance of system is complex

  • No performance measurement (data)

  • Only makes sense in high numbers for infrastructure, servicing, and replacement

  • Air injection (scale / calcification)

  • Do not work with electric pumps (pressure)

To solve that Lorentz, the pioneer and market leader in the solar water pumping industry developed a solar-powered submersible pump system for managing leachate/liquid levels in landfill or polluted ground which is a different product compared to a water pump which has a completely new driveshaft design because is made out of one piece – AISI316, has even better efficiency, and big investment – in house production, its stator is made with high tech rubber compound, has new complex vulcanization process, and special EC-DRIVE version (materials).

In addition to significantly reduced costs, this system provides remote management and control with a smartphone App or remotely from your desk, measure and record of fluid levels, extraction volume, tank level or line pressure, and power choices due to low energy consumption:

  • Solar, grid or generator power

  • Solar power for off grid operation

  • 1 phase or 3 phase options

  • The answer for no grid connection or poor power quality

Technical features:

  1. All stainless steel construction

  2. FKM synthetic rubber parts

  3. Resistant to hydrocarbons and chemicals

  4. Non return valve fitted as standard

  5. Sacrificial anode to increase life

Capabilities PS2-600 HR-07:

  1. Pump from depths of up to 50m

  2. Up to 1.4m3/h

  3. 320W at full head / flow

  4. For 4” wells

Pump Controllers:

  1. Perform Maximum Power Point Tracking

  2. Convert DC to 3 phase DC to drive the brushless motor

  3. Control speed, on/off timers

  4. Built in Data Logger and Bluetooth communication module

  5. Two 4-20ma input terminals

  6. Output relay terminal to control external devices

Take a look at another reason which will help you understand the advantages of this system in comparison with air-powered pumps:


  • Solar power removes need for costly power /air infrastructure

  • Fast installation and configuration

  • Robust, proven submersible DC pump


  • Ability to measure and monitor levels and flows

  • Data enabled pumps

  • Can pump to within 150mm of the well bottom

  • Remote monitoring service


  • Self cleaning pump mechanism

  • Long life expectancy

  • No power costs

  • No servicing costs

  • Remote performance monitoring

In summary, this system is a reliable, cost-effective solution for leachate pumping, reduces costs over existing air or electric pumps, allows temporary deployment without infrastructure, is a good solution for meeting long term compliance requirements, provides real-time monitoring and control of flow and reports levels, and single infrastructure to manage multiple pumps and sites.

As an approved partner of Lorentz, Puranova is committed to delivering all the value for what these systems were developed to UAE and MENA region. Thanks to its team of experts and the experience in this kind of harsh and remote environments offering design, system integration, installation & commissioning and maintenance for all your system needs.

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