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The simple: 'pick it up, plug it in and pump water' concept

The PS2-100 is the complete system in a box, ready to take away and carry under your arm. Installation is very easy, just connect the plugs and start pumping water. Even the pipe connection fits standard 1“ hoses, so no special connections to contend with.

The PS2-100 system provides over 20,000 liters of water per day and pumps up to 40 meter heads.

From any source for any application

The system includes:

• High-efficiency DC brushless motor

• Helical rotor pump

• 15 m cable attached to the motor with a plug for the controller

• PS2-100 mini controller with accessory inputs for float switch and low water sensor

• PV module adapter to use with any standard PV module (max. 50V Voc)

For more information and questions about PS2-100 please contact us

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