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Why Puranova Pumping?

Our pumping and solar pumping solutions move the right amount of water to where it should be, using as little energy as possible



Puranova employs the latest technology throughout all project stages from design to commissioning and maintenance. We use computerized modeling tools to map and calculate solar system performance including sun irradiation, the power generated from the solar array, and water output from the pump. The pumps we offer are based on state-of-the-art, German technology.



One of Puranova’s key strengths is our ability to offer products and solutions in different materials/ metals to meet different environmental and design needs for our customers in a wide range of applications. Carbon steel, brass, cast iron, technopolymers, different grades of stainless steel, marine bronze, Duplex, and other materials can be used to create different product versions according to customer requirements.



PS Communicator and pump manager service combine to offer Puranova customers a cost-effective full management and monitoring system for their pumping assets, aiming at servicing commercial farms, industrial processes, governments and NGO



PS2 Submersible Systems

Max. flow rate: 79 m³/hour
Max. lift: 450 m

PS2 Surface Systems

Max. flow rate: 59 m³/hour
Max. lift: 150 m

PSK2 Submersible Systems

Power (max): 90 kW

PSK2 Surface Systems

Power (max): 90 kW

PS2 Pool Systems

Max. flow rate: 36 m³/hour
Max. lift: 14 m

PV Modules & Accessories

For use in a wide range of applications: water pumping, purification, and filtration systems. 

Puranova Custom Made Systems


Design, Selection, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance


Drink Water

Residential & domestic


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