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Swimming pools pumps for water circulation and filtration are typically responsible for a high percentage of electricity consumption in residential buildings, townhouses, and villas with swimming pools. While, direct owners of villas, penthouses, and townhouses with swimming pools incur these costs directly, investors and owners of apartments in high-rise buildings, incur these costs within their ever-rising annual maintenance fees.

PuraNova offers a wide range of solar water pool pumps that use zero electricity, long life cycle and requires virtually no maintenance.

Our systems’ design concept uses electrical direct current generated by the solar PV modules to power DC pumps without the need for batteries, making initial investment low and removing the need to replace expensive batteries every 3 years. We recommend maintaining a slow overnight pool circulation using our PowerPack to convert DC current to AC for the solar pumps or using part of the existing AC pumps for a few hours.

A typical retrofit solar pool pumping system has the potential to reduce the electricity consumption of residential properties by 10-30% while offering a low payback period of 1-4 years.

Relative Products


PS2 Submersible Systems

Max. flow rate: 79 m³/hour
Max. lift: 450 m

lorentz_ps-cs-f_family 2.jpg

PS2 Surface Systems

Max. flow rate: 59 m³/hour
Max. lift: 150 m

PSK2 Submersible Pumping Dubai Españ

PSK2 Submersible Systems

Power (max): 90 kW


PSK2 Surface Systems

Power (max): 90 kW

PS2 Pool System.jpg

PS2 Pool System

Max. flow rate: 36 m³/hour
Max. lift: 14 m


PV Modules & Accessories

For use in a wide range of applications: water pumping, purification, and filtration systems.


Puranova Custom Made Systems

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Design, Selection, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance

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