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Panel Building

Building custom control panels is necessary for an industrial business. But it’s not an easy task, and can put a strain on your resources and engineers. Panel building is an involved process, which requires designing a panel, acquiring the necessary parts, placing parts, wiring, and completing the panel. Puranova has a long experience in this process and can build panels in a timely fashion and at a low cost.

Puranova can do the following:

The main factors in electrical panel building are:

  • Design – simple yet precise & accurate drawing in terms of wire pathways and connections

  • Size – How big should the panel be? How many circuits and wires are contained within? Where will it be placed?

  • Wiring – Have wires been cut to their proper length? Labeled correctly? Are all panels constructed the same way? Have the wires been stripped and ferruled correctly?

  • Repair – Can potential repairs be done easily, in terms of drawing clarity and accessibility? Timeliness of the build is considered, as well as the overall cost and meeting industry standards. We’re experienced with these factors at Puranova, as we have a lot of experience building electrical panels for many different purposes.

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