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What to consider when you are choosing a Parking management system

A Parking management system is more than a quick parking process, it should have additional advantages and specifications that should be considered when you are choosing the right system according to your parking requirements and/or operations and not limited to:

  • Easy to pay: Credit card in/out parking, Pre-paid parking online, license plate recognition.

  • Weather-proof, be functional and operational sound in extreme temperatures

  • Multiple combinations of Entry and Exit functions

  • Multiple ticketless access options

  • Designed for integration and use on your Data cloud

  • Seamless integration with multiple access media types

  • Complies with the Local and Statutory Health and Safety requirements

  • Intuitive set of icons, touch points, and guidance elements that turn the human-machine interaction (HMI) into a rational and flawless process

  • Data always-on, instant, and easy-to access in an intuitive user interface

The above will help to significantly reduce the most common complaints received from visitors when using stress-free parking solutions.

Would you like to know more and experience the benefits?

  • Operators: Stress free occupancy management and predictability, online sales of subscriptions, less maintenance required on the equipment.

  • Users: Parking are more efficient and hence quicker, no more searching for a parking spot, secure and flawless payment, completely paperless experience with e-tickets.

Are you an operator of a Parking Management System and receiving multiple complaints which is frustrating and time consuming?

Contact us and get more information from an expert!

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