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What is the best Access Control System?

Presently when we talk about Access Control Systems, we should know that there are different solutions and technology developments for the verification of individuals that are far more secure than it was in the past few years. All of them have their own pros and cons and we know that you have many questions and reservations of which one is the best for your facility.

You need to consider a cost-effective solution that can be easily maintained with excellent support from the manufacturer and guarantees that the system and system parts will remain supported for the duration of its expected life cycle. It is also important that the chosen system is flexible to cater for the ever changing and challenging needs of the tenants and visitors to your facility.

Let’s take a look at the most commons:

1. Magnetics, RFID cards, Key Cards, tokens: Are the most common, easier & simple way to access these days, very useful for quick access, but can be easy to lose or be stolen increasing the security risk. However, its encrypted technology makes them difficult to duplicate and if a card is lost or stolen, it can also be deactivated by the administrator of the access control system too.

2. Codes or PINS: It is also an easy way to access while maintaining security, but it can be forgotten by its users or easily copied by strangers.

3. Biometrics, Iris, face recognition: It is usually used for advanced security and convenience, for that, is usually the most expensive.

You can also now consider an Access Control with Mask Detection as face mask are now part of our lives making this option not only a simple solution, but also touchless & smarter. The facial scan is automatically compared with the already stored biometric data of the people to whom the system will grant authorized access.

You can choose your access system depending on the security needs that you desire and there are two or three authorization methods for more secure and effective control.

By installing an appropriate system, you will have:

- Reduced maintenance costs and carbon footprint

- Improved security

- Crime prevention

- limit access to restricted areas

- Enhance the operator’s control.

- Monitoring locally or remotely

The current technologies increase efficiency, reduce errors and protect against malicious attacks in all industries.

We have the expertise to recommend the system that will help solve and manage your operational demands and improve your security requirements, for more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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