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How Ozone is helping to prevent the spread of COVID 19

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

These days health security is the major concern for everyone.  How do you keep your visitors and employees safe?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms.  Our latest system designed by Puranova Spain is the Middle Easts First Chemical-Free, Disinfectant Gateway. Chemical-free, because it works with Ozonated water which is converted in fully automated sanitation spray for both people and goods. Now you are probably wondering if there are other advantages to use Ozone to stop the spread of COVID-19, and the answer is yes: - The disinfectant is made by yourself. You only need a bottle of 15 to 18 liters of water and with the ozone generator, you can manufacture your disinfectant every day. - For a 15 Lt. barrel it can be spraying ozone for 8 hours. - And as we said before according to the WHO Ozone is effective in killing bacteria and, inactivating viruses Here is a bonus:  - Every time you pass through the gate, you will feel refreshed by the pleasant, safe- yet disinfecting- water mist.​

What is more, our HSAC System was designed so that you can add as many functions as you wish such as people counting sensors, handheld thermal camera, Black body for better accuracy, disinfectant Foggers, And many more.. Let us get you back to “normal” safely. 

For more information:

HSACS Brochure
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